Pine Beetle Recovery

Forest Policy Resources

“The Beetle Challenge” – This website is designed to be a guide to the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic and the challenges it presents. It provides information and resources on the infestation itself, government Mountain Pine Beetle initiatives, and current research.

Ministry of Forests, Mines and Lands: Mountain Pine Beetle Publications

A complete listing of all mountain pine beetle publications available electronically through the Ministry library.

Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan

The Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan is the cornerstone of the B.C.’s coordinated response to the mountain pine beetle infestation. The Action Plan guides provincial responses and helps coordinate all levels of government, communities, industries and stakeholders working to mitigate impacts of the pine beetle. It addresses forestry and environmental issues as well as economic, social and cultural sustainability.

Mountain Pine Beetle Information Network

This website allows users to search the Mountain Pine Beetle Bibliographic Warehouse, which contains over 2000 literature citations of publications and videos related to the mountain pine beetle.